Holocaust Experience

On 20th June our Year 8 Students had the privilege to listen to Ruth Barnett and her daughter Tania who visited Ounsdale with her daughter Tania as part of the Holocaust Educational Trust. Ruth talked about her experience of being rescued by the Kindertransport which left Germany in 1939. She and her brother lived with three foster families in England and although her parents survived the war and they were reunited, she did not have a bond with them and they were practically strangers. She also did not have a nationality (as a result of the Nuremberg laws banning Jews from being German citizens) and found it difficult to obtain a passport. Ruth has written three books and there are copies of them in the library if anyone wants to know more. She and Tania also took questions from the students and were very impressed by their maturity. Students have commented that the visit made them think about the importance of showing respect for others and not prejudging someone on the basis of their race or religion.

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