Standing up against hatred

To commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day which was on January 27 – the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz – Ounsdale is holding a series of assemblies on the theme of standing up against hatred. They are being led by our former Head of History Phil Ginnings who now volunteers for a charity called Remembering Srebrenica. The charity works to educate people about the biggest genocide in Europe since the Holocaust – in Bosnia in 1995 – and to commemorate the victims. It also encourages people to reflect on the need to resist hatred and prejudice by encouraging greater community cohesion. For more details of the charity’s work, please visit Remembering Srebrenica

As part of the charity’s work, they are keen to educate and involve as many young people as possible in activities relating to Remembering Srebrenica Memorial Week which takes place annually in July. They will be working with the school in developing ideas that build upon the messages contained in the assemblies. The charity’s mission is best summed up as:

‘We recognise that we have achieved a lot in terms of building a cohesive society here in the UK, but discrimination, promotion of hatred, extremism, and exclusion persist, and we must play our part, no matter how large or small, to create a better and safer society for all.’

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