The report for your child is now available to view in WISE

There are several changes to reports this year:

  • We have changed the grading for Attitude to Learning – this year 1 is the best score and 4 is the lowest.
  • We have added STRENGTHS for each child to the reports as well as areas for concern if there are any
  • Grades for Y8 to Y11 will use the new 1-9 scale. For this report only Y10 and Y11 have been set a grade. The next report which will be published around Christmas will feature a grade for other year groups.
  • In Y12 and Y13, grades are A*-E in line with the A Level grading requirements
  • All grades set are Likely grades for the end of the course.

We would strongly recommend that you read the attached documents so that you can understand what the report and other data on WISE is telling you. We have personalised these for different year groups and it is important that you read all relevant documents depending on the age of your child.

If you have further questions, please contact us at the school.

Available documents:

For all year groups:

Documents specific to different year groups