Sixth Form

Our Campus

Our Sixth Form Centre is a completely separate building to the rest of the school, giving students a true sense of individuality and independence. Its a modern, exciting environment for our students to succeed in. Fully equipped with classrooms, ICT suite, private study areas, toilets and our very own common, our Sixth Form centre is the perfect place for students to embark on their further education journey. This is just one of the six campuses that make up the Invictus Sixth Form, for more information on the other campuses, head over to our campuses page!



Our common room is fully kitted out with:

  • Kitchen area with hot drinks facilities, fridge and a microwave
  • Snacks vending machine
  • Drinks vending machine
  • Tables and chairs to work/study
  • large comfy seating area
  • Flat screen TV
  • Facilities to play music
  • Screen and projector (for assemblies)
  • Doors leading to the decking area and outside study area
  • Electronic sign in system

Our centre’s classrooms provide a positive, exciting and engaging environment for students to learn and study in.  All students have access to the ICT suite which is perfect for their private study sessions

Learning facilities include:

  • 2 classrooms
  • Private study room
  • ICT Suite
  • Futures room


Please click on the link below to take you direct to the Invictus Sixth web page for more information: