‘Exceptional learners committed to being the best that they can be’


At Ounsdale High School students are at the centre of everything that we do. We have high expectations of them and will endeavour to give them the self belief to achieve even more than they think is possible. Our students will be ambitious and empowered learners who will strive to be the best that they can be.

Through our highly skilled and talented team of staff, we will seek to create an exceptional learning community where everyone can excel. We will achieve this through inspirational leadership at all levels that will encourage staff to be adventurous and reflective and will be based on a commitment to continuous improvement and accountability.

Our school will be enhanced by strong relationships and collaboration with key partners such as members of the Invictus Education Trust, parents, the local community and other education providers. An environment of trust, integrity and respect will be created by effective and regular communication.

Ounsdale High School will be a community which is vibrant and exhilarating with students and staff who are committed to learning, happy and successful.