Severe Weather – Information for Parents and Students

Every attempt will be made to keep Ounsdale High School open during inclement weather.

In the event of severe snow a decision to close the school will normally be made by the Headteacher based on information received from media weather forecasts and from Ounsdale staff that live locally to the school.  Factors involved in reaching a decision include:

  • Access to the school for students
  • Confidence that sufficient staff can travel safely to work
  • Operation of essential school services (for example heating, water supplies, food provision)

If a decision is made to close the school parents will be informed by a text message, where possible this will be sent before 7:00 am.  In addition, information will be posted on the school web-site.

We appreciate that the earlier decisions are made the easier it is for families to make suitable arrangements.  However, please be aware that weather conditions and predictions can change fairly quickly and this can effect decision making.

In the event that the school would need to close during the school day a text message will be sent to parents with clear instructions on collection arrangements.

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