Admissions to Year 7

Ounsdale High School, part of the Invictus Trust, offers an independent minded education to the young people it serves. With the values of hard work, positivity and kindness at the forefront of all we do, we believe Ounsdale has a lot to offer to all young people.

The school’s admission policy is in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Schools Admission Code. If the number of applications for admission to a school exceeds the school’s PAN (Pupil Admission Number), the available places are allocated, in the order of priority using the following criteria:
1. Children in care and children who ceased to be in care because they were adopted
2. Children who satisfy both of the following tests
I. The child is distinguished from the great majority of applicants either on their own medical grounds or by other exceptional circumstances
II. The child would suffer hardship if they were unable to attend the preferred school
3. Children who have an elder sibling in attendance at the school and who will still be attending at the proposed admission date
4. Children living within the catchment area of the school
5. Other children arranged in order of priority according to how near their home addresses are to the main gate of the school determined by a straight line measurement.

Further details can be found in the ‘Secondary Information for Parents – 2019’ booklet or on the admissions section of the Staffordshire website. For parents who reside in the Staffordshire area, applications can be made online at
Parents living outside Staffordshire should apply through the admissions service of their own local authority.

If you are a Dudley or Wolverhampton resident or your child is in education at a Dudley or Wolverhamoton primary school you have the right to and can apply to Ounsdale High School, geographical boundaries are not a restriction to your child when making an application to secondary school. Parental choice/preference is the greatest priority.

In order to apply for a secondary school place for your child you can request a paper based application form or apply online at Full technical support/help is available by contacting Dudley admissions on (01384) 814223. Please see our guide on the school’s website ( which shows how Dudley residents can easily apply to Ounsdale High School for a secondary school place for their child.

The maximum admissions limit for this year will be 192. As there are fewer children in the primary schools in the catchment area than this, there are more places available for parents applying from outside. For September 2019 we were able to offer places to all applicants who put Ounsdale as their first choice.